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What Do the Colors of Bandanas Mean?

Colors can affect people’s emotions. What’s the bandana color meaning? Different colors of bandanas symbolize different meanings, each color may be hidden behind an identity, a story. For your safety while walking down the street, please read this article to learn the secrets of colored bandanas and what colors to avoid.

Red Bandanas Meaning

The red bandanas are associated with the Bloods gang, a gang that originated as a notorious street gang in Los Angeles and is as important as the Crips in the United States. But not everyone wearing a red bandana is from a rival gang. Red is the color of passion. It can express love and anger, courage and strength. In Chinese culture, red also represents luck and prosperity. People wearing red bandanas are passionate about life.

Red Bandana

Blue Bandanas Meaning

Blue represents the Crips, the rivals of the Bloods. During the Crisps Gang’s heyday in Los Angeles in 1969, blue bandanas were deeply woven into gang culture in 41 states across the United States and Canada. Of course, like the red bandana, wearing a blue bandana does not mean you are associated with a gang. Blue also makes people feel cool and calm.

The sky is blue, the sea is also blue, both of them giving people a feeling of vastness. A custom blue bandana can relax your mind and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Blue Bandana

Green Bandanas Meaning

Green Bandanas are related to the Bay Area Crips, Patria and Trinitarios. Nowadays, a green bandana symbolizes closeness to nature, health and growth. Green symbolizes new life, and people express an optimistic and positive attitude towards life by wearing green bandanas.

Green Bandana

Black Bandanas Meaning

The Black bandana has no gang affiliation, is neutral in gangs and meaning association. Rockers are fond of black bandanas. The color of black is full of mystery but also horror and sadness. Black creates a strong contrast with other colors. If you are attracted by luxury, elegance and sexiness, then you can choose a black bandana to decorate yourself.

Black Bandana

Yellow Bandanas Meaning

A yellow bandana is also known as the turban worn by the American gangster “Latin Kings”. In the era of gangs and groups, they have a strong connection with the Latin Kings and Vice Lords. Yellow is a bright color that represents wisdom. It can play a role in lighting up clothing.

Yellow Bandana

Purple Bandanas Meaning

Another gang, the Grape Street Crips wearing purple bandanas. Purple has been associated with royalty, quality and luxury all the time. Red and blue merge into purple, so purple is more spiritual. In the fashion industry, it can be used to express bold and unique style.

Purple Bandana

Orange Bandanas Meaning

A small East Coast New Jersey gang “H3AT” called “Heat”, wore orange bandanas. Because there were 3 leaders, they changed the “e” into “3”.

The orange bandana also has a certain national value, it plays a positive role in raising awareness of ending violence against women. Orange bandanas have different meanings in different contexts. Orange is a warm color tone that conveys warmth and liveliness.

Orange Bandana

Other Colored Bandanas Meaning

  • White symbolizes peace, unity and purity. The white bandana is simple and stylish.
  • Pink symbolizes the unique temperament of women. Wearing a pink bandana looks very gentle. Pink bandana is also used to raise awareness about breast cancer.
  • Although gray looks melancholy and sad, it also exudes an understated elegance. Gray bandannas are as versatile as black and white bandanas, wearing gray bandanas make one look mature
  • Brown is an earthy color that symbolizes stability and solidity. Wearing a brown bandana gives people a sense of reliability and security.

Bandana Colors to Avoid and Conclusion

When choosing a bandana, it’s better not to choose the color that is related to gangs to avoid being inadvertently associated with gangs, like red, blue, yellow, purple and so on. You can choose some neutral colors. White and pink bandanas are the safest choices.

Even though today we can wear bandanas freely, it is definitely the best accessory. Each shade of bandana conveys a unique meaning. You just need to have some risk awareness, then you can choose whatever you like.


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