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pet holiday bandanas

Custom Holiday Pet Bandana

With the coming of holidays, if you have the trouble of customizing holiday pet bandanas. Choose Rongguang, a bandana manufacturer, can provide you with one-stop customization service.

Holiday pet bandana can add festive atmosphere on certain holidays or special occasions, like Christmas, Halloween etc. You can customize pet bandana from us to match the holiday theme.

Holiday Bandanas For Dogs

You can custom different holiday dog bandanas from us, like christmas plaid dog bandana, dog thanksgiving bandana, dog wedding bandana, easter bandanas for dogs, dog valentines day bandana, dog christmas bandana, happy birthday dog bandana etc.

cat birthday bandana

Cat Birthday Bandana

Our custom cat birthday bandana are made of 100% polyester, 80gsm. The handing feel is soft and smooth. In addtion, this fabirc is stretchy.

3 sizes for you to choose, which covers the size of small, medium and large cats. Also you can customize your own bandana and size.

  • S      14*14*20 inches
  • M    17*17*24  inches
  • L      21*21*30 inches


How Do I Put a Bandana On My Dog?

If your pet holiday bandana is a triangle bandana, you can tie it directly around your pet’s neck and make a knot to secure it.

How to See a Dog Bandana?

Dog bandanas are not just a decoration, they also have practical functions, can be used to keep warm and protect against the sun.

How to Make a Pet Bandana?

Step 1: Print according to your design

Step 2: After printing, cut the fabric

Step 3: Make a sewing

Step 4: Ironing and packing

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