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neck gaiter scarf

Custom Neck Gaiter Wholesale

15+ Years Bandana Neck Gaiter Manufacturer in China

Customizable Neck Gaiter with Your Company’s Logo, Increase Brand Recognition

Custom neck gaiters are a good choice for outdoor adventure companies, fitness clubs, ski resorts or camping sites. Custom logo neck gaiters can not only promote the brand, but also be used as team equipment, employee benefits or gifts to leave a souvenir for the event.

We specialize in this area for more than 15 years and have owned a good reputation. Bulk custom purchases of neck gaiter from us can enjoy factory direct wholesale prices, and we have our own QC team to test the products during the production process to control product quality.

Our neck gaiter has many types and multiple material options. There are seamless and seamed bandanas neck gaiter, neck gaiter with reflective strips, polyester-spandex neck gaiters, milk silk neck gaiters, polar fleece neck gaiter scarf, and seamless bandana combined with seamed polar fleece neck gaiter face mask. They are breathable, wick away moisture, and are comfortable to wear. The neck gaiters are also easy to wash and can be reused. Their functions are diverse, and can be used for sun protection, wind protection, and dust protection.

Custom hiking neck gaiters recycled tubular bandana custom printed neck tube recycled face mask

This hiking neck gaiter is seamless and made of milk silk. It has elasticity on all sides, comfortable, breathable and durable, so it is a good choice for hiking. The size of it is 50*25cm.


Custom Printed Seamless Bandana

Camo neck gaiter is good for the army, and it can help camouflage and make the wearer blend in with the environment. So it is also the best hunting neck gaiter.



neck warmer face mask

This patchwork Christmas neck gaiter, on the upper part of it is a custom design seamless bandana, which can keep breathable during exercise. The lower part is polar fleece, which can keep the neck warm in cold weather.

High elastic UV 50+ seamless headscarf tube bandana

High elastic UV 50+ seamless headscarf tube bandana is suitable for summer, spf neck gaiter can make a sun protection for the wearer’s face, head, neck and keep cooling.


Custom Mesh Headwear Breath Face Scarf Balaclava Sport Motorcycle Cycling Face Bandana

Custom mesh headwear breathable neck gaiter motorcycle. It can protect you from wind and dust when you ride a motorcycle.


Custom Neck Gaiter Manufacturer

People like skiing in winter. This neck gaiter snowboarding can protect your face from the cold when you ski, preventing wind and snow from getting into your nostrils and mouth.

custom Neck Gaiter No Minimum

Custom neck gaiter no minimum. You can custom neck gaiter with your own design and logo. Or make your company’s on it.


Make Your Own Custom Neck Gaiter

This grey neck gaiter with a lion is very suitable for men. The polyester stretch fabric is thin and breathable, and can provide good protection for daily travel or outdoor sports.

Earloop Headwear Neck Gaiters Unisex Triangle Earloop Bandanas

Unisex triangle earloop headwear neck gaiters


American flag bandana ear loops neck gaiter scarfs


Face covering scarf with ear loop

Factory wholesale face cover ear loop neck gaiter bandana for dust wind

Factory wholesale face cover ear loop neck gaiter


Multifunctional Black polar fleece neck gaiter tube face mask bandana drawstring

Multifunctional Black polar fleece neck gaiter with drawstring, which can be adjusted

Wholesale Fishing Tube Seamless Custom Bandana Scarf Skull Logo Bandanas

Wholesale fishing tube seamless neck gaiter for sun protection


Reflective Balaclava Solid Color Bandana Custom Printed Tubular Bandana

Reflective neck gaiter provides safety for nighttime running and riding biker

UV Multi-function Tube Bandana Scarf Custom Print Seamless Bandana Balaclava

Custom skull neck gaiter is suitable for Halloween


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How to Make a Custom Neck Gaiter?

Step 1: Purchase raw materials based on the fabric quality confirmed with you

Raw Mateirals

Step 2: After purchasing the raw materials, the factory use a specialized neck gaiter weaving machine to weave them

Step 3: Design and layout according to the confirmed drawings


Step 4: Printing according to customized design patterns

Step 5: After printing finished, cut according to the confirmed size


Step 6: The last step is packaging. If there is no special requirement, we usually use the transparent packaging bag shown in the picture, 1pc/per bag. The transparent bag is printed with the wearing method, composition, care methods, origin and warnings.

What Is the Difference Between a Neck Warmer and a Neck Gaiter?

Neck warmers are usually made of fleece or wool, which are better for keeping warm in winter. Neck gaiters are suitable for all seasons, with elasticity, moisture wicking and quick drying.

Who Wears Neck Gaiters?

Neck gaiter can protect our face and neck in bad weather, and can also used as a mask. It is breathable and comfortable, and is an ideal choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts and explorers.

Neck Gaiter How to Wear?

You can read from this article: How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

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