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classic paisley bandana

Wholesale Paisley Bandanas

The Classic Paisley Bandana Is A Timeless Accessory That Adds Fashion

Rongguang Bandana Manufacturer In China Happens To Have This Paisley Bandana And Can Meet Your Consumer’s Demand For This Style

Paisley Bandana

The paisley bandana is the most iconic fashion accessory, and many top fashion brands also favor the paisley bandana pattern. It can be worn all year round, tied around the neck, head, wrist and bag, or put it in your pocket for decoration. You can order your favorite bulk paisley bandanas from our website, and we also welcome custom paisley bandanas.

Paisley Bandana History

The paisley bandana print water drop design originated from Persia. This pattern mostly appears on carpets, curtains, headscarves, clothing, shawls, and jewelry. It became popular in Kashmir in northern India in the 1960s, was also loved by hippies and was later introduced to Europe. American cowboys wore cheap bandanas printed with paisley patterns, so this pattern became increasingly popular and was widely printed on bandanas and scarves.

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Why Choose Our Paisley Bandanas

Our paisley bandana fabric has multiple options. You can choose silk paisley bandana, 100 cotton paisley bandana, satin paisley bandana or polyester paisley bandana.

The size of our stock paisley bandana is 21*21 inches, you can also order extra large paisley bandana or small paisley bandana, if you want, you can customize your size.

mens paisley bandana
What Does the Paisley Bandana Mean?

The name Paisley comes from the town of Paisley in western Scotland. Its pattern originated from the Persian and Sasanian empires. The pattern represents the cypress tree, which is a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity.

How to Wear a Paisley Bandana?

Around the neck, head, wrist. From the waist or as a pocket square.

Where Can I Buy Paisley Bandanas?

From our website: https://cnbandana.com/

Why Do Cowboys Wear Paisley?

The cowboys wear paisley bandanas as protection from dust and sun.

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