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100 cotton bandanas

Premium Cotton Bandana

BSCI Certified Professional Factory Supply You Best Cotton Bandanas

Also Provide Custom Printed Cotton Bandanas, Which Make You Own Unique Cotton Bandanas

Our 100 cotton bandana in weight 80gsm feels very good, smooth and soft. If it is a dark color, the back side of the soft cotton bandanas will have a good penetration effect in digital print and can achieve the effect of double-sided printing.

We also have thick cotton bandanas, like 90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 160gsm etc. There is also thin cotton bandana, but this lightweight cotton bandana was purchased less. You can order the 100% cotton bandana fabric which you need.

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We have cotton bandanas in different colors and prints, like solid color cotton bandanas, cotton paisley bandana, cotton tie dye bandana, cotton floral bandana and custom printed cotton bandanas.

There are many colors of our solid color cotton bandanas: black cotton bandana, white cotton bandanas, blue cotton bandana, green cotton bandana, navy blue cotton bandana, orange cotton bandana, pink cotton bandana, purple cotton bandana, red bandana cotton, yellow cotton bandana and so on.

100 Cotton Bandanas Wholesale

  • Standard Size: 22 x 22 cotton bandana
  • Large Cotton Bandanas: 27 x 27 cotton bandana
  • Oversized Cotton Bandanas: 36 x 36 cotton bandana
  • Suitable For: cotton bandana for men, cotton bandanas for women, cotton dog bandana

All cotton bandanas have multiple uses, they can be used to protect against dust while riding, tie your hair back, and can be used as cotton bandana scarf, cotton bandana handkerchiefs,  headbands, cotton head bandana and sling, etc.

cotton hair bandana
cotton vs polyester bandana

Cotton VS Polyester Bandana

Are cotton or polyester bandanas better?

100% cotton bandana are breathable and soft and will become softer after washing, but they may fade and shrink with each wash. But polyester bandanas will not fade or shrink when washed.

Cotton Bandana Pack

bandana packing
cotton bandana pack

If you have no special bandana packaging requirements, we will generally default to ten items per transparent pack. Of course, one pack per pack will be used depending on the material and quantity. Also, welcome custom bandana packaging, if you want to customize the packaging, you can send us the materials you purchased and we will help package them or tell us your bandana packaging requirements and we will purchase them for you.

How Much Does A Bandana Weigh?

Our cotton square bandanas are available in 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm and 160gsm. 80gsm cotton bandana feels better.

How to Soften Stiff Cotton Bandana?

Dilute a small amount of fabric softener with water, add it during the second rinse and stir to let it work.

How Do You Wear A Cotton Bandana?

First, fold it correctly along the diagonal line to form a triangle. Put your hair up or put it down and wrap the cotton bandana around your head. Finally, tie both ends of the cotton head bandana.

How to Wash Cotton Bandanas?

Hand wash or machine wash in cold water, lay flat to dry, iron on low heat.

What Is the Best Material for A Bandana?

Bandana made of high-quality cotton fabric is soft, absorbent and breathable.

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