Multipurpose 4-Way Stretch Headwear for UV Dust Protection

Multipurpose 4-Way Stretch Headwear for UV Dust Protection1

95% polyester and 5% spandex material elastic closure.Premium MICROFIBER with high UV protection,Highly stretchable and Seamless keep you comfortable in any position,They are soft, light weight, breathable fabric, No sewn edges to irritate your skin, dry quickly.-way stretch, UPF50+, and

passed UPF test.Perfect for sports,fashion accessories and gifts.

How to Wear Your Seamless Mask Bandana

The multifunctional bandana has more than 12 ways to wear for all seasons outdoor activities,  used as Beanie, Headband, Hairband, Headwear, Neck Gaiter, Pirate Cap,Helmet Liner, Scarf, Sun, Wind & Dust Mask, Bandana, Wristband.

RPET Recycled Plastic Seamless Tube Bandana

“This product was made using recycled water bottles!”The raw material extraction process:1) Bottles are clearned  2)Bottles are shredded into spllets 3)Pellets are crushed and melted  4)Melted plastic spun into thread

Because PET is such a popular material, recycling it to create new products has the potential to have a significant positive impact.

Tube bandana is made of 100% RPET material and has the relevant GRS certificate