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How to Wear a Neck Gaiter?

A neck gaiter is a simple fabric tube with multiple uses that can withstand sunlight, cold, sand, wind, dust, etc. Its versatility is related to the way it is worn. How many ways do you know to wear a neck gaiter? Next, let us learn how to wear a neck gaiter as a multi-functional headwear through reading this article, and make the most of it.

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10 Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter

1. Neckerchief/Neck Warmer

The neck gaiter can be worn as a neckerchief or neck warmer. You just need to spread it open, put your head in it and pull it down so that it can hang around your neck. In this way, any top or T-shirt can be easily transformed into a turtleneck and added warmth. This wearing method is suitable for any outdoor activities. It can protect your neck from mosquito bites and keep you warm in cold seasons.

2. Face Mask

A neck gaiter can also be used as a face mask. Pull the neck gaiter directly up over your mouth and nose to get a face mask. It protects your nose and mouth from dust and protects your face from UV rays. Suitable for skiing, cycling and fishing, it can protect the neck, mouth and face at the same time.

neck gaiter as a face mask

3. Headband

Fold the neck gaiter and you’ll get a headband. First by reaching inside the tube and bringing one edge down to meet the other, until a width you are satisfied with. You can also scrunch it up a little for a more casual look. Then put it on your head, it can fix your hair and prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. It’s a great choice for fitness, sports and the hot season.

4. Balaclava

Making a balaclava out of a neck gaiter is easier than you think. First pull the neck gaiter over your head and around the neck, then pull the back of it over your head to form a tube. Finally pull a little fabric under your chin to cover your nose. Balaclavas provide comprehensive protection for hair, ears, chin, mouth and nose.

5. Hood

Pull the neck gaiter over the top of your head and place the bottom of it against the bottom of your chin. Then pull the upper part toward the forehead, exposing the face, making the nose, mouth and eyes not covered. The hood can be used to manage the hair and protect the skin at the back. It is used as a single covering to keep warm during the cool seasons, and to block the sun to prevent heat stroke during the hot summer.

neck gaiter as a hat

6. Beanie

To wear your neck gaiter as a beanie, first turn inward, put one end on the top of the head and twist several times from the middle. Then pull the tube down to the top of the head, you will get a beanie. If you want the pattern in the middle of the head, keep it in a place before twisting. It acts like a hat to prevent heat loss in winter.

7. Sunguard

Wearing a neck gaiter as a sunguard can help prevent sunburn on the back of your neck, and is even more effective when layered with a baseball cap. Hang the neck gaiter around your neck, pull the back part to your head, and wear a hat tightly to avoid slipping.

8. Pirate

How to wear a neck gaiter as a pirate? Tie the neck gaiter in a knot, then pull a part of the neck gaiter over the top of your head. The pirate is suitable for water sports and hiking, it can prevent sweat dripping and keep the head cool.

9. Wristband

For sports lovers, wristbands are essential. You just need to twist the neck gaiter on the wrist several times. It can absorb your sweat to prevent your hands from slipping. When you go indoors or don’t need face protection, you can take it off and wear it on your hand as a fashionable wrist accessory.

10. Do-rag/Sahariane

The Do-rag is worn in a very similar way to the Sahariane. You only need to pull one-third of the tube over your head and let the other end hang behind. You can also pull out some fabric to cover your ears. These 2 ways can protect your hair and are suitable for long hikes. 

Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter

If you still have questions about how to wear a neck gaiter, please feel free to contact us. You can also share more creative ways to wear a neck gaiter with us!


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