How Custom Bandana are Made?

How Custom Bandana are Made1

Custom printed brand on bandana is already a very popular way of publicity. There are many advantages to ordering custom bandanas vs. t-shirts. Bandanas are far less per piece than t-shirts.The classic and standard bandana is 22″ x 22″.The size is suitable for everyone, and it will not make users feel uncomfortable because of the size.Our customers use bandanas for promotional items, corporate events and for employee moral.

When customizing your own design to bandana. It is important to know what kind of printing method is needed. We are experts in making bandana. In the past 13 years, we have studied 3 printing methods to customize bandana printing.


Custom Digital Printing Logo On 22*22inchs Bandana

Competitive price for small quantity orders. There is no limits on design colors. We can full color print your own design on bandana . It can be printed regardless of any material. Like Cotton, silk, polyester, satin. And the production time is fast, about 7 days to complete the production. We do all-process printing, whether it is color fastness or soft hand feel, it can reach  American standards.

100% Cotton Screen Printing Bandana


When printing custom bandanas, there are two types of inks.water-based inks,gold powder links.Both ink options work well in different ways to produce a great custom bandana.

This printing method is suitable for the design with 1-4 colors. Screen printing is to print patterns on dyed cloth. So you can choose different colors of fabric. We have hundreds of color cards for you to choose.The printed effect is three-dimensional

Machine Double-Sided Printing Square Bandana


For quantities higher than 5000+. We would recommend it, and the price is competitive. The color of the design is limited to 12 colors.

Print on one side, after printing, the other side has a good penetration effect, so it is called double-sided printing.Machine Double-sided make the design come alive with the pop of color, ideal for a high quality bandana print.