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Bandana Spelling

Bandana or bandanna? People may often ask these two questions: “Does bandana have one N or two?”,  “What is an alternate spelling of bandanna?”. Today we will uncover the mystery of “Bandana” and “Badanna”.

Bandana Evolution

The word “bandana” is derived from the Hindi word “bāṅdhnū”, which means to tie. Bandana has been spread to the western world in the 18th century, and quickly became popular for its practical uses and aesthetic appeal. The original Hindi term evolved into the anglicized “bandanna” in English.

As time went on, the spelling of this iconic accessory took two different paths-“bandana” and “bandanna”. Both variations were widely accepted in the English language, and their use often depends on personal preference or regional differences.

Bandana Evolution

The Correct Spelling

Both “bandana” and “bandanna” are correct spellings, with “bandana” being the more common spelling of the two. There is also a saying that “bandana” is the preferred spelling in American English, while “bandanna” is a British English spelling. The difference may be due to the different pronunciation of words in different regions.

Bandanna is the older and more traditional spelling. It is often associated with cowboys, bikers and hippies. They often wear bandannas to protect their faces from dust and wind. Bandanna is also a symbol of their lifestyle and identity.

While bandana is the newer and more modern spelling. The uses of it are more widely, they can be worn as a headband, tie, wristband, or even a pocket towel. During the civil war, the bandana symbolized the unity of the soldiers. Over time, the bandana evolved into a fashionable, versatile accessory.

Bandana or Bandanna

Bandana Definition and Meaning

Handkerchief, kerchief, headscarf, scarf, headsquare, neckerchief, do-rag, hanky, shawl are the synonyms for bandana. All of them have a similar meaning that can be worn for some purposes. Bandana is a large handkerchief with printed patterns, and often worn on the head or around the neck. Usually made of cotton, silk or rayon in the shape of a square or triangle.

The meaning of the bandana varies depending on cultural, regional or personal factors. In some cases, a specific color, pattern or way of wearing a bandana may have special meaning or be associated with certain subcultures or groups.

Bandana Definition and Meaning


No matter which spelling, the meaning and essence of the word remains the same. So when it comes to the bandana vs bandanna debate, there is no need to get yourself into trouble. Both spellings are acceptable. So go ahead! Tie one that suits you best.


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