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The use of scarves 2016/11/18
1, the first hoop The headscarf as the first hoop tied head initiated decorative effect,both beautiful and Han Fan. 2, goggles Unless you alone in the world, or travel out regardless of distance is always in small groups, two people share a...
Turban wearing method 2016/11/18
The first method of wearing: 1, with a pin to cover the head from the middle buckle. 2, the left end of the head scarf to the back of the head, and then buckle. 3, the rest of the deduction in the left shoulder The second method: 1, the hea...
Scarf washing 2016/11/18
First, prepare water, the temperature is 40-50 degrees, used to soak for a while, after cleaning and then dry, wait until the scarf quick-drying, you can use iron to iron. Second, the immersion in the water by adding less salt, can make the...
Foreign wear scarf custom 2016/11/18
1, Africa Women in Togo, Benin and Nigeria in Africa prefer to wear a gown dress made of brightly colored cloth and make a scarf on the head with the same color and texture. Outsiders may be surprised, the weather is so hot, why head pack s...
What is the role of riding a scarf 2016/11/18
Riding a hood in general terms for the bike to wear when the head scarf, narrow sense, as a professional perspiration guide to reduce the resistance of the riding pirate hood. Widely used, is a friend of love riding a travel essential goods...